Hookah and Shisha Products

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What is Nakhla?

The makers of this Nakhla shisha describe it as “a mild-tasting tobacco,
due to its preparation with molasses, glycerin, fragrant oils or essences.”
This world-renowned shisha is a favorite among veteran smokers and
newcomers alike. Stock up on your favorites or try a new flavor today!


Our wide range of fruity, sweet, and fragrant flavors will be sure to
please even the most picky smoker. Try each flavor on its own, or mix
flavors for a fun and delicious twist! They include:

apple, apricot, banana, cappuccino, caramel,
cherry, chocolate mint, cinnamon, coconut, coffee, cola,
grape, green apple, jasmine, lemon, mandarin,
mango, margarita, melon, mint, orange,
peach, rose, strawberry, tropical passion fruit, vanilla and watermelon.


One flavor – $10
Refill – $7

Two to three flavors – $13
Refill – $9

Real Fruit Hookahs- $20 (Your choice of Pineapple, Orange or Apple bowl)
Refill – $12

Hookah Extras:

Smoke Bubbles: $3.00            Ice in the base: $3.00            Additional hoses: $3.00 each


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